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Boomstick by Cindy Joseph

I just saw advertising on amazing products "BOOMSTICK"  by  Cindy Joseph. Organic, for aging skin, very simple and easy to use. Only three products for our beauty. Nice.
Moisturizer you may use for your face, cuticles and probably the whole body. That's fine  BUT I have to remind you how important is to keep germs away from your products.
Did you know every time you dip your fingers in your pot of cream you risk infection from bacteria?

Have you ever used the little spatula that came with that expensive pot of anti-ageing face cream? Or do you simply scoop a dollop out of the tub? If, like most of us, you're using your fingers, at best you could have wasted your money, and at worst you could be damaging your skin.
Because every single time you dip your fingers in, you could be introducing bacteria into your cream. And, given that the ingredients of most cosmetics are quite nutritious for your average microbe, if your beauty stash sits in a nice warm bathroom cabinet, you've suddenly got the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nastiest.
'Most of us carry bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, on our skin.
'Most of the time it does us no harm at all. But introducing it to your face cream by putting your fingers in the jar can transform your cream into a culture medium, allowing these bacteria to reproduce.'
What this means is that along with your daily dose of moisturizer, you could also be getting a rather unpleasant dose of bacteria that could cause skin infections.
'This sort of thing was first noticed in eczema patients who regularly apply cream to their skin. It became apparent that they were constantly reinfecting themselves. That's the reason you no longer see emollient creams in big, old-fashioned, screw-top jars; they're far more likely to be in pump dispensers.'
Beauty gurus insist that after you've had an eye infection, you should throw away your make-up so you don't keep re-infecting yourself.
Similarly, if you find that every time you get rid of one outbreak of spots, you get another, the combination of grubby fingers and your moisturizer could be to blame.

But as well as giving yourself spots, you might also be rendering your costly cream utterly impotent.
'The presence of bacteria in a cream can change its pH [how acid or alkaline it is].
Some of the active ingredients that you find in expensive cosmeceuticals will only work at a specific pH.

So if you've contaminated it, you may have wiped out any of the potential benefits that the cream could offer your skin.
Working as an Esthetician I understand the importance of sanitation. 
I love products in tubes with a pump not only are the products protected from bacterial contamination, they're also protected from oxidation, which would make them less effective. Due to this, there is also usually less preservatives.

If you read until here, now you probably understand why I don't like "Boomstick by Cindy Joseph".

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